Relationship: A reason for happiness

Relationships are causes for happiness for many. It’s the relationship partner they look for when life is in crisis. Some feel that relationships are a source to complicate life. It makes everyone stressed. It’s true I agree but there are many more benefits worth noting to be in a relationship.

Why do people get in a relationship?

People feel empty and alone when they are by themselves. They feel a sense of nothingness when they are a single individual. They try to seek for others to fulfill their unfulfilled life. Their personal needs motivate them to do so. They feel secure with their partners. Some people are an admirer of getting attention. This assures them of their worth in the world where everyone wants to surpass each other. There is another important factor that contributes to a large number of people getting committed. Getting in a relationship show had a stud you are. Girls show how many boys are after them, hence giving self-importance. There are many popular free dating apps that give you an independent platform to meet the love of your life.


Teenagers get into a relationship because they find it trending and a way to get social status among their teenage friends. Well, they are not aware of the benefits that a relationship gives. Even though not knowing they get a lot of things out of the relationship.

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  1. Emotional support:

Relationships aren’t only about love. There’s much more you can gain. The emotional support a partner can give you when you yourself can’t support yourself is something everyone couldn’t get. That one person can lift you from every hell of a life. Love and care is the basic need of every human. This love and care so true can make them overcome the toughest of tasks such as smoking, drinking, etc. That emotional support gives the strength.

  1. A longer lifespan.

The love hormone in the body has a lot of benefits. It made our health healthier. People who are not in a relationship are reckless. They don’t care about anything, they drink heavily, smoke, drive carefree and fast. But once they are into a relationship they tend to improve their habits because they realize that one life lost would lead to the end of a few more lives. If you are mentally stable you lead a better life.

  1. Stress reliever

Many people believe that relations cause stress. But the fact is, it is country to that. Relationships help release stress. The love hormone that is secreted because of the love of your life can result in reducing stress.


Looking into the benefits you might be thinking why haven’t you been in a relationship. The benefits are so much, it is an obvious thing think. If you think it’s late, then wait! It’s never too late. Have you heard of dating app? It’s a popular mean to get committed in these recent years.